World’s Biggest Cat (Longest)

Barivel is the World’s Biggest Cat

Barivel means “clown” or “joker” One thing is for sure, we aren’t joking when we say this Maine Coon from Italy is the biggest in the world! Guinness Book of World Records certified Barivel as the longest cat ever, measuring a whopping 120 cm or 3 feet, 11.2 inches. That’s a big kitty.

World's Biggest Cat
Barivel – World’s Biggest Cat

Maine Coons are known for being large animals, some of the biggest of any cat breeds out there. They are also a long-haired variety and need extra cleaning and attention- Barivel’s owners knew their big kitty was something special and so they went ahead an made it official. As the world’s biggest cat, Barivel is actually longer than a baseball bat! Homerun!!

“He is a very special cat for us because he is a little shy… when people see him they are very shocked, but for us he is a little gift… a big gift!”

Barivel’s Owner, Edgar
Barivel - World's Longest Cat

“From the start we thought about this Guinness World Records title. We all know the Guinness World Records name and we are so excited to see if Barivel will go in the book”


You can read more about Barivel On His Instagram!

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