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White ink tattoos are something to behold – when they are done properly. Unfortunately, as you can see below in the pictures, some are incredibly eye appealing, while others look like jumbles and messes. We will go through the good and the bad for you, showing you examples of white ink tattoos that you can get yourself, or avoid. It’s always best to work with your tattoo artist to decide which might look best. Some top viral ink pics below.

White Ink Tattoo With Red Flowers

The Good Of White Ink Tattoos

First of all, white ink tattoos can pretty much flatter any skin tone- In fact, what happens when you get a tattoo with white ink, you end up with something that doesn’t have a definitive border that will ease back into the skin- The tattoo itself usually has a halo effect around it, almost creating a raised look, almost 3-D in nature.

They are also pretty hard to see on lighter skin, making them aesthetically more acceptable in a professional environment. You can pair white ink tattoos with other colors and the difference between colors can be absolutely extraordinary to view.

The Bad Of White Ink Tattoos

When you ask a tattoo artist how they feel about doing this style of tat- some say they love it- while others say they really don’t care to do them. Rolle, a tattoo artist from Las Vegas tell us that you have to really pull the skin up, and get deep with the tattoo needle- “Not everyone enjoys getting a spinning and moving needle deep into their skin. It hurts.”

White Ink Tattoo Snake
White Ink Tattoo Snake

Another artist from New Jersey told us she loves doing them, “I have the freedom to really get very artsy when I use white. But, yes, Rolle is right, they have to go quite a bit deeper to get the pigment in.”

One other thing about white ink- You need to get them touched up- which isn’t really easy. The ink can fade and it turns yellow or even to grey. “That can turn some off, right there,” said Rolle.

“I think that when you go for it, and you incorporate the white ink into the design you create something extremely distinctive and, in my opinion, the stark contrast of doing, say, a black ink versus a white ink or even color along with the white – you end up with a very happy client. You just need to make certain they know they will have to touch the white up from time to time.”

Janis Chastin – Tattoo Artist
Bad White Ink Tattoo
Bad White Ink Tattoo

How To Get A White Ink Tattoo That Doesn’t Stink

Stick with thinner lines. The thin lines seem to take best, they don’t have huge swaths of ink – this is especially good since you really don’t want a needle to keep pushing itself deeper and deeper into your skin. White tends to wash out in big spaces, so keeping it to smaller portions actually lends itself to the look.

Finally, look for an artist that has done white ink before. Don’t go into it with someone that isn’t comfortable or hasn’t used white ink before- that could turn out disastrous. Please send us your White Ink Tattoo Pictures- We would love to show them off! If you would like to send us a photo of your artwork- please send it to

If you need to locate a good tattoo artist, you might have some luck checking out this site- TrueArtists. You can search any location to find some of the finest artists in your state. Always do some research tom find the artist that will best suit exactly what you are looking for. Good luck, and happy inking!

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