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What is a liberal? Are their politics dangerous?

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I never thought we’d be here. But, here we are. As we delve deeper into the 2020 Presidential Election, I have one question to ask: Will the nation survive?

Hyperbole aside, I have personally witnessed celebrities, mainstream media and staunch liberals call for the death of Donald Trump, the doxxing of children over a completely biased and later debunked video of a young man with his school at a trip where a man was banging a drum in his face – This was the Covington High School video that the left exploded over and later had egg on their faces? All because they took a completely out-of-context video and ran with their hate, because these young people were wearing MAGA Hats. Remember that? Yeah, well, now there is a massive lawsuit underway.

Then we had a washed-up, d-list actor, Tom Arnold, challenge a sitting president to a fight and tell him that the next time Kathy Griffin holds up a bloody head symbolizing the beheading of, again, a sitting president, it would be real, to repeated calls of alt-left Hollywood liberals to make certain that conservatives don’t eat, don’t show their faces in public and call for the outright blowing up of the White House. I’m not going to delve into Kathy Griffin. I don’t care what side you’re on, if you listen to anything she has to say, then tough on you. She isn’t worth my time.

And then, the apologies. Because, they see the immediate blow-back, and suddenly, they are contrite and sorry. It was always taken “out-of-context”.



So, we ask again, what is a liberal?

To be a liberal:

Your true hate must show.

Consider the hypocrisy of alt-left talebearer, Judd Apatow. This is one woke dude. Never mind his past where he wishes cancer on a colleague. Let me wave the magic curtain and make all his actual misogyny go away. Do everyone a favor, Judd. Sit down, shut up. No, the president is not a Nazi. More on that later in this article. Don’t worry, I know you seem to think you are highly intelligence, but you aren’t. You are a crazed, alt-left nut job. Who are you pandering to, by the way?

Hey Judd, The internet never forgets that you stood up for the riots at Berkeley. Your insanity is showing. What is a liberal? It’s Judd Apatow. Liberals should be very proud.

What is a liberal in politics

Alyssa Milano, alt-left schadenfreude, says that now [MAGA HATS] are the same as wearing a white hood to symbolize the KKK. Quite a leap. This is the same person that says when “we politicize, we dehumanize.” Yet, continues to be the outspoken mouthpiece for the alt-left movement, literally politicizing every single piece of washed-up rhetoric that the mainstream media can regurgitate on a daily basis, many times without verification or, good ole’ fashioned journalism. It’s all about how fast it can get out there, not about if it’s right.

I can cite story after story, tantrum after tantrum, melt-down after melt-down of the alt-left, but we’d never see this article end. Why do I call it that? The alt-left? That description has a negative connotation, doesn’t it? Like, alt-right. When you hear that, you think you’re dealing with radicalized, indoctrinated crazies that are unwilling and unwavering in their ideology and simply will not move in order to further their agenda. Sure seems that way from where I stand.

If you are even a slight tic right of center in this country, you are a racist. Right? Aren’t we all? You are a bigot of the highest order. You are a villain the likes of which have never been seen since the Vlad The Impaler piked his first baby. If you support the police, you are a fascist looking to institute a gestapo state. And, heaven forbid, if you support Trump in any way, you are a Nazi!

Good grief, Charlie Brown. Since when did being a conservative become tantamount to goose-stepping with Hitler? We have a democratically elected leader in the White House. The electoral college is a genius way of taking central power away from concentrated areas of population and allowing the entirety of the nation to have equal representation. In other words, so California and New York don’t speak for the rest of the country.

So, when you decide to hit me with the popular vote argument, I’ll remind you of two things. First, we are a democratic republic We are NOT a straight democracy. Look it up. Second, had the mainstream media been fair and balanced, Trump would have won the popular vote as well. I posit a LOT more people would have voted had they felt that Trump had a real chance. Skewed reporting, insidious inside manipulation by social media platforms and Google made it seem like Clinton was a sure thing. Fake news.

I want to address this whole Nazi-name calling.

Hitler was a monster. A scourge on this planet that, through his compartmentalizing of his regime, after being elected, implemented his master plan; the eradication of Jews and anyone that didn’t conform to the ideological pathways that Hitler set forth in Mien Kampf. It was, and still is a sickening take on eugenics and the wholesale slaughter of men, women and children in gas chambers and firing squads and is one of the single most disgusting and revolting times in world history.

We owe it to ourselves, as humans – not even Americans, HUMANS – to correct and shame ANYONE that equates our president, conservatives, or ANYONE else with the Nazi party. Do not sit idly by while Hollywood and liberal elites use this disgusting language to describe you or anyone. Shame them.

Anyone that belittles the horrific conditions that Jews, Blacks and anyone that wasn’t of a certain background went through during the holocaust is stepping on the graves of those that were lost. You are taking the reality of what happened and making it common. It isn’t, and shame on you.

We’ve been hearing a lot about concentration camps lately. A tweet from Dylan -@education4libs on twitter was absolutely spot on- No reason I should try and use any other words:

Today, I witnessed yet another example of the left’s willingness to incite violence, and even welcome it. If you recall, Trump’s son Eric, was the victim of an attack in Chicago while eating dinner.

I am certain that this actor is going to try and finagle his way out of this, say that he meant something else. He didn’t. He’s a typical elitist that thinks that spitting in someone’s face is acceptable. If you are the child of the president, you’ve earned that spit. Which, by the way, is assault. I don’t know any state or commonwealth in the United States where spitting in someone’s face isn’t. The exchange occurred on the twitter feed of Derek Schwartz. Derek gained notoriety on the reality show Married at First Sight – Season 4. This was what transpired:

Hollywood actor Carlos Alazraqui, who played “Garcia” on “Reno 911” and was a voice actor for “Fairly Odd Parents” responded this way:

Derek Responded:

Don’t worry, Carlos doubled down on his hate:

“Ugly begets ugly”. Huh. So, what you are saying, Carlos, is that if you FEEL a certain way, it’s fine to assault someone? Could you clarify? Well, I see you said it “isn’t right”, but then you literally contradicted that sentiment in the very next line. Let me correct you. You want to be politically correct and say it isn’t ok. Cool. Cool, cool. But the truth is, in the case of Eric Trump, you think because someone has the feels, it’s warranted because it’s “this family”.

Do I have that correct? You think it’s “not unexpected” for someone to spit on the child of the president? Because he’s a conservative, with conservative values, it’s… not.. “unexpected”? What in the hell is wrong with you and the rest of the alt-left? Are we at a point where the civility of our nation is fully eroded and we accept blatant and outright hostile acts from deranged and unhinged maniacs?

Sorry, pal. Nope. To accept this as “not unexpected” is as equal to doing it yourself. Here, let me fix your wording:

“You know, I understand her feelings. I don’t agree with much of anything with this president. However, spitting on the president’s son is absolutely unacceptable. No matter what your political leaning is, assault is never the answer. I hope this young lady gets the help she needs.”

How It SHOULD Have Gone – But Thanks To Liberal Logic, Carlos Failed

Do you see the difference? Do you notice that you can actually state your beliefs and be civil at the same time?

It seems the new liberal is all about violence, socialism and feelings. I, for one, am sick to my stomach.

Shame on you. Be better.

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