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UFO News: This Week Members Of The United States Congress Were Briefed On Top Secret UFO Encounters

What do you think of when you hear UFO? Aliens? Tin Foil? Conspiracy theory?

You probably have a hefty dose of skepticism. And, you’d be right. Consider what we know as a human species: In order to travel the vast distances required to even run into another civilization, humans wouldn’t be able to (currently) make such a journey. The time involved with interstellar travel is simply too monumental to overcome. Simply put, we don’t have the tech to get us there.

That doesn’t mean that a civilization, possibly millions of years ahead of us on the cosmological scale, might have figure out the logistics of getting from one point in the universe to another without the need to bother with those pesky time constraints. Leading theories involve shooting lasers at black holes, warping space and faster than light or FTL travel.

Here’s a fact: UFOs are absolutely real and they are visiting us, right now. Here’s the caveat – they may very well be- us. Humans. Big letdown, I know. But, let’s be very honest here; the odds that the things that are in our skies being of extraterrestrial origin are very, very slim. Think about the Fermi Paradox. In short, the Universe is about 13 billion years old. If civilizations that are millions or even billions of years ahead of us haven’t made the journey by now- it means a couple things.

UFO News
We Might Not Be Alone- Luis Elizondo

First, we just aren’t that darn interesting. Sorry, but as a technological species goes, we aren’t really that big of a deal. You figure that should an alien species be even a hundred thousand years ahead of us, we probably look like cavemen swinging clubs to them. Secondly, and I’m sorry Hollywood, we just don’t have anything all the interesting here on Earth.

So many movies about our water, our gold, our diamonds- it’s actually laughable. Need water? Grab a comet – there are literally billions of them. You would think they (aliens) could more than likely catch a big ball of ice and figure out how to use it for whatever they need.

Gold? 6×10-8% in the Universe– That’s a LOT of gold. Water? Think Earth times 10 to the nth. It’s an obscene amount. The point is, raw material doesn’t make sense for an alien species to need nor want. There’s just way more out there than any one species could need.

UFO News

A bizarre but plausible theory is the zoo hypothesis. In short, it goes like this- Aliens can see us, but we can’t see them. Mainly, because they have a hands-off policy- kind of like the Star Trek “Prime Directive”. They are letting us be masters of our own destiny.

So the fact that the UFO sightings by the public, and recently, within the government, may mean that the weird UFO news that you crave, may just be humans testing really experimental, really cool new aircraft. Sorry, but it might be that boring- or exciting, depending upon your idea of awesome.

This past week, a group of US Senators received a top secret briefing about the happenings with regard to UFOs. Recent run-ins have been more and more dangerous, and can no longer be brushed under the rug.

Joseph Gradisher, spokesman for the Deputy Chief of Naval Operations for Information Warfare, also confirmed the briefing took place in a statement to CNN on Thursday.

UFO News
Report From Joseph Gradisher

“Navy officials did indeed meet with interested congressional members and staffers on Wednesday to provide a classified brief on efforts to understand and identify these threats to the safety and security of our aviators,” he said.

“Follow-up discussions with other interested staffers are scheduled for later today (Thursday, 20 June). Navy officials will continue to keep interested congressional members and staff informed. Given the classified nature of these discussions, we will not comment on the specific information provided in these Hill briefings,” Gradisher added.

The thing to remember about all this is that in the past, the thought that UFOs were actually entering our airspace and engaging with our military was usually met with ridicule and in some cases, reports of Men In Black would visit people that were trying to blow the whistle and threaten them with career destruction, personal threats and in some cases, people have simply disappeared.

That seems to be changing. It makes you wonder if disclosure is forthcoming, in one way or another- either the government finally saying, yes, this is us, please stop thinking it’s aliens – or the other end might be- yes, we are being visited. We either know, or we don’t know why they are here.

There have been some very fantastic reports. UFO craft that have no visible flight surfaces. No sound emanating from their flight and maneuvers that would literally kill a human that would be inside of these craft due to the impossible g-forces.

Luis Elizondo worked for the US Government and headed up a small team within The Department Of Defense investigating the reports of military personnel that had UFO News and observed these incredible encounters. He was so disenfranchised with the handling of the UFO News reports from his superiors, including religion and those not wanting to have their careers in danger by being involved with the topic, he decided to leave the military and go public.

“It’s white. It has no wings. It has no rotors.”

“It didn’t fly like an aircraft. It was so unpredictable—high g, rapid velocity, rapid acceleration.”

“I didn’t see a trail.”

“It was going 70-plus knots underwater.”

USS Nimitz Controllers

Though he has not divulged anything top secret, Luis was recently featured in the Discovery Channel Documentary series: Unidentified: Inside America’s UFO Investigation

There’s a theory surrounding Elizondo- He knows all and is actually a plant by the government to help get the disclosure news out to the public. Little-by-little he’ll be allowed to disclose the true nature of the UFOs.

Another theory is that this is all about creating an experience- something about buzz to generate interest in the company that Elizondo now works for- just days or weeks after leaving the Government job he claimed he loved.

Enter Tom DeLonge. He’s the former front man for Blink 182 and a UFO News enthusiast. He started his journey by pounding the pavement, using tech and dogged determination to weed out those that were also perplexed by the mystery surrounding the UFO phenomenon. He’s been able to amass a very impressive group of industry and government officials from the highest levels of government- leading to more speculation that this whole endeavor is a ploy maybe known to DeLonge or not, to use this platform to either stay ahead of or feed disinformation. That would be something- give this much, so you can keep all the rest from coming out.

One thing is for sure- UFOs are here – they are real- and they need to be dealt with.

For more UFO News, please stay tuned. We have reached out to To The Stars Academy, the company run by Delonge and Elizondo. We will update you when we get a response.

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