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What fruit did Eve give to Adam in the bible?

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Gen.3:7 tells us what the fruit was that Adam & Eve ate after they eat the fruit they cover with fig leaves. Therefore if they cover w/ fig leaves that means they ate a fig. Fig leaves grow on a fig tree if a tree has fig leaves the tree will grow fig leaves. Adam & Eve ate a fig not an apple.

Most Jell-o contains what?

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The World's biggest what was made in Utica, New York in January 1998?

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Machine guns manufactured after 1986 are prohibited by what?

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Patents were systematically granted in Venice as of what year?

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Which planet is closest to our sun?

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Who was Theodore Roosevelt's Vice President between 1905 and 1909?

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What is the longest river in the world?

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Which space craft set off for Jupiter in 1972?

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Vehicles from which county use the international registration letter LS?

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QUIZ! You Can't Solve This Quiz Without Cheating - The World's Hardest Quiz
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