Relationship Advice From A Broken Pro

Everyone could use a little relationship advice now and again

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For better or worse- My name is Christine, and I am going to try my best to help with any relationship advice needs you might have- I may not be a doctor, but I sure do know when something is good or bad, and I won’t hold back in giving you the advice you need.

Relationship Advice

Let’s start with a little about me.

People are so judgmental. We do our best to survive every day and people talk shit. No matter what you do. People want to edit you.

Don’t do this.

Don’t say that.

Don’t wear that.

You should lose weight.

I try not to judge. I do always speak my mind, though. I have no filter. To the detriment of my mother and some of my best friends. All raw, unedited, in your face. That is me. Some of what I say can and will offend certain people but that’s fine. Those meant to get it, will get it. This is my freak flag. I will wave it all over the place.

Self-confidence dictates our sex lives. It dictates how we live life. It is the life and death of us all. Without it, you’re terrified the guy will see the cellulite on your ass jiggle and run out the door. You don’t turn the lights on. You’re constantly comparing yourself to others. Its not just a female thing either. Men wonder if their manhood will be adequate or even if it will work at all.

That’s the glorious thing about vaginas. Your vagina can be worked with. A penis is either up or its not. Men worry about their bald spots. Women
worry about their grey hairs or those new random hairs that seem to pop up out of nowhere. You feel like you’re constantly tweezing. Women hide behind make-up and fake eyelashes.

Men hide behind everything.


From early-age to whenever, there are some of us who just don’t like our physical selves for whatever reason. It can make you a prisoner of your own self. It can destroy you, if you let it.

You will lose out on the good things in life. Relationship Advice or Not – You Need Confidence!

Maybe, I’ve got some confidence now but I remember when I didn’t.
It will never matter what people say to you about how beautiful you are. It will only matter when that right person says it. The game will change. I just didn’t like myself. I felt ugly. I was not one to have a lot of friends or be in social situations. Very socially awkward. Not so experienced with the dudes.

You get where I’m going here? Bullied and tormented to the point I was eating lunch alone hidden under some trees. There were also some darker reasons for my lack of social skills.

That’s not for here though. Keep reading, maybe I’ll tell you one day. That goes way beyond relationship advice, trust me. 🙂

High school wasn’t exactly a happy place for me. Lots of fights. That was my method for dealing with bullies. I had two best friends and one of them was a boy. Both, to this day, have remained in my life.

Thirty plus years of friendship

He was always my balance. She was that friend that no matter what, took you out of your comfort zone and made it fun. I love them both so much. They made my teen years livable. I hope you have or had those friends too. Life can be brutal without them.

Today, sure, I’ll get butt naked in front of whomever. I will proudly wiggle my ass with the little dimples of cellulite. My stomach that is not flat and legs that are quite thick at the top. I’m not embarrassed or ashamed. I just am past that point.

I will be running a naked seminar one day soon.

No, its not just people running around naked. There’s something so much deeper than that. Stay tuned. The details will come eventually.
You have to stop hiding and live your best life.

If you’ve read this far, it means something I’ve said has captured your attention- Stick around and trust me, we’ll have a few laughs, and maybe I can impart a little bit of my wisdom, and you can share some of yours. I invite everyone that wants to talk to go ahead and e-mail me any time- Let’s talk and get some dialog going. Girl power, boy power, gay power- any power- Hit me with your best shot!

E-Mail me at –

I look forward to hearing from you and helping with whatever is on your minds. If you need additional help – If you don’t need relationship advice or if you are feeling depressed or suicidal, please contact the national suicide prevention center for professional help.

It’s not whether you get knocked down, it’s whether you get up.

Vince Lombardy

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