The Miracle PiggoStat – Don’t Giggle!

The Piggostat Helps Keep Wiggling Kids Still While Getting an X-Ray

What to do? You have a baby that might have broken a bone- your child did a face plant- every parents nightmare- your baby being hurt. The problem is that sometimes a kid is so unruly, so wiggly and so much of a hassle, we have to take steps to help them in not hurting themselves further, but also to diagnose what might be wrong with out little bundle of joy.

Enter, The Piggostat. We didn’t. make the name up. Though not commonly used anymore, the device has been around since 1960 and is a proven device used millions of times to help keep those wiggly babes still so the x-ray tech can get a quality image. Unfortunately, for the kids, it’s not exactly a fun experience- Just check this kid out.

Pigg o matt
Credit –

I think it is safe to say, this youngin’ is not in her happy place. The device actually helps these children , and though you might feel a bit sad, it can be necessary.

One twitter user stated the following:

Some weighed in that they laughed, but felt bad for the kids- It’s very natural to feel some compassion for these youngsters, however, if we are being honest, we giggled a little.

Just keep repeating, I am a grown-up, I am a grown-up..

Some kids in a piggostat
Another Happy Customer of the Piggostat

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