McHive – The World’s Smallest McDonald’s For Bees

McHive- The World’s Smallest McDonald’s Is In Sweden

In Sweden, they take their bee saving to a whole new level. An initiative put forth by McDonald’s Sweden has gained traction, and in fact, in the effort to save dwindling bee populations, restaurants throughout the nation put hives on top of their restaurants.

More and more of the McDonald’s franchise around Sweden have joined in and replaced common areas with more flowers and plants to help the bees out.

Enter: McHive, The world’s smallest McDonald’s. It may be small, but it is mighty, this scale version of a McDonald’s restaurant comes fully equipped with a patio, drive(fly)through, cool seating and wood paneling. It’s pretty boss, actually.

the McHive - The World's Smallest McDonald's

The McHive was a collaboration between McDonald’s and NORD, DDB, a Nordic creative agency. The design was a direct nod to the restaurants that had begun the Bee conservation effort. I wonder if you can get honey mustard?

The McHive was sold at aution for $10,000. All the money went to the Ronald McDonald charity.

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