Jussie Smollett Legal Team Sued – Claim Defamation

Jussie Smollett Not Available For Comment

Two brothers – who say they helped Jussie Smollett stage a racist and homophobic attack against himself are suing the “Empire” actor’s attorneys, accusing them of defamation of character insisting publicly that the brothers performed a real bigoted and racist attack on Smollett despite knowing that wasn’t true.

Abimbola “Abel” Osundairo and Olabinjo “Ola” Osundairo said in a joint statement, issued after their lawsuit was filed in federal court in Chicago, that Smollett’s legal team has “spread false accusations which have hurt their reputations and undermined their career prospects.”

Smollett’s legal team has “spread false accusations which have hurt their reputations and undermined their career prospects.”

Osundairo Brothers

“We have sat back and watched lie after lie being fabricated about us in the media only so one big lie can continue to have life,” they said. “These lies are destroying our character and reputation in our personal and professional lives.”

In their litigation , the Osundairos contend that even after prosecutors dropped the charges against Smollett while simultaneously saying they could demonstrate the assault was a hoax, Smollett’s lawyers kept saying in interviews that the Chicago-born brothers “led a criminally homophobic, racist and violent assault against Mr. Smollett.”

“Mr. Smollett’s lawyers, confronted with an outraged public, failed to escape after their achievement (in getting charges dropped). Instead, they doubled down,” says the lawsuit, which names celebrity lawyer Mark Geragos, fellow attorney Tina Glandian and Geragos’ Los Angeles-based law company as defendants. In a joint announcement, Geragos and Glandian called the lawsuit “ridiculous” and “a desperate effort” by the brothers “to remain relevant and further gain from an assault they admit they committed.”

“We look forward to exposing the fraud that the Osundairo brothers and their lawyers have dedicated to the general public,” the attorneys added.

Smollett, who’s black and gay, has stood by his account he was assaulted in downtown Chicago early on Jan. 29 by two masked men who beat him, shouted racial and anti-gay slurs, poured bleach on him, and looped a rope around his neck. He said his attackers shouted slogans supporting President Donald Trump. At a Tuesday news conference, the brothers’ attorney said when confronted by researchers in mid-February, the Osundairos regret their participation and decided to tell the truth.

“We are going to be certain the lies and malice attacking our town, our police department and my two customers are satisfied with healing and truth,” she told reporters. The news conference was not attended by the brothers.

Prosecutors have said that Smollett’s friendship with Abimbola Osundairo dated back a long time and Osundairo had functioned as a stand-in to get a personality called Kai on “Empire.” Ola Osundairo appeared on the show as an extra, prosecutors said.In their suit, the Osundairos state the defamation from Smollett’s attorneys has resulted in the brothers”significant psychological distress” and made them feel unsafe and discharged in the neighborhood. It does not specify an quantity of money that they are currently looking for, but says it could be greater than $75,000 in compensation and compensatory, along with expenses.

They assert that Smollett took full advantage of the ambitions of the brothers to develop film and TV careers. “Mr. Smollett used his clout as a wealthy celebrity to affect Plaintiffs, who had been in a poor connection to him were aspiring to ‘make it’ in Hollywood,” the suit claims. The suit also claims that Glandian “inferred” through a meeting about the podcast “Reasonable Doubt” this month which Abimbola Osundairo “participated, at least temporarily, in gay acts” with Smollett. The filing states his loved ones at risk in Nigeria and to state could place him and that is untrue, that Osundairo is heterosexual.

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