Impeach Trump | But They Don’t Know What It Means

Impeach Trump, but, huh?

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In this video, we follow a group of young people, one older guy that knows better, and some more young people as they realize that if they impeach Trump, they get Pence.

Literally, like a deer in the headlights.

Very sad, but very telling. Since Infowars can’t get on Twitter, hopefully this will help.

Note: There are MANY things we don’t agree with about Infowars. However, this is very telling, and to be honest, a bit sad. We feel that whether you want to impeach Trump or not, you should have a rudimentary knowledge of how basic civics functions.


Courtesy Infowars

That moment you realize the consequences……

Impeach Trump
Impeach Trump | But They Don't Know What It Means 1
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