10 Inspiring Ways On How To Be Happy

Life can be rough at times. With all the negative news hitting us on a daily basis, it can seem as if there is nothing good in the world to be joyful about. If you experience the blues, feel down-in-the-dump, try a couple of out ten ways to be happier. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Many people ask the question – How To Be Happy?

Number 10 – How to be Happy

Stop thinking what if (something goes wrong).

Start thinking what if something goes right?!

This is a simple mind experiment about how to stop that “stinkin’ thinkin'” and turn negative thought into positive ones. Human beings have evolved over the years to protect themselves. We instinctively prepare for the worst. It’s the natural survival of the fittest instinct we all have to stay ahead of the bad things and to get through this thing called life.

Unfortunately, this leads to anxiety, angst and can really inhibit us from seeing that there really is a wonderous world out there to be happy with. The next time you think, what if I can’t do this – stop that thinking and think- what if I succeed? What will happen? Will my dreams come true? They just might! What if I can’t do this?

Ask yourself this question- will it matter over time if you can’t do something? If the answer is no, LET IT GO! If the answer is yes, then MAKE A PLAN to do it! Stop letting thoughts get in the way of life. You can do it! Check out this amazing book from Lucinda Bassett about how to overcome anxiety!

Number 9 – How To Be Happy

Fake it till you feel better- Or – Fake it till you make it!

It sounds stupid, doesn’t it? We are taught to stop pretending when we are in our early adolescence. It’s not healthy to pretend. Science, however ,has begun to prove that wrong. In fact, research shows that a positive mental outlook, one which creates a sense of calm and even one that excites us can help us avoid the pitfalls of negative thinking.

How To Be Happy - Fake It Till You Make It!

Number 8 – Ways To Be Happy

Don’t reward your melancholy feeling with food, drink or drugs!

The number one reason we fall into these traps is because of something called “Instant Gratification“.

Don’t fall into this cycle of abuse. If you are there- seek help now.

Do your best to avoid the pitfall of addiction. It’s not always as simple as saying don’t do it. But, with some professional help, you can not only overcome addiction, but thrive. The best way to avoid this- don’t start in the first place.

Number 7 -Ways To Be Happy

Exercise. No, really.

Exercising releases chemicals in the brain called endorphins. These endorphins can and do have an effect similar to morphine. Really! Just twenty minutes a day of moderate exercise can COMPLETELY change your brain chemistry for the positive and that alone will make you happier. Being sedentary can cause everything from depression and anxiety to obesity and even death! If you want to be happier right now- start that jog!

10 best ways to be happy - How To Be Happy

So, get off the couch, RIGHT NOW and do something! MOVE!!

Number 6 – Another Way To Be Happy

Stop Nagging Your Loved Ones

Do you find yourself nagging people? Especially your kids and spouse? Stop. Here’s why – When you nag on someone two things occur. The first is that you put yourself into a foul mood- You are sabotaging yourself. If you are finding fault with everything, it’s time to reevaluate your position. Ask yourself, before you make a complaint, is this worth being upset over? If the answer is yes, the next question is, if I say something, will it cause a fight?

If the answer is yes, ask the final question, is the fight worth it? If this is a stand you want to take, then by all means, make that stand. Before you do, however, have a plan on how that person can fix the problem and have a reply if they refuse. Come from a position of authority and lay out why you are making the issues bigger.

The second thing that happens when you nag- the other person gets upset. Possibly enough to get into a fight. Why? Nobody enjoys being nagged. Do you? Ask yourself if you were to hear the same thing out of someone else’s mouth, would you be angry? If the answer is yes, you should probably heed your own warning. If you want to know how to be happy, start with yourself- remember, if you go with a positive attitude, everything else falls into place.

Number 5 – Ways To Be Happy

Smile, even if you don’t want to.

Did you know you can change your mood just by smiling? It’s true. You can actually trick your brain into believing it is happy, just by smiling. The act itself triggers receptors in the brain to release chemicals that make us euphoric. Next time you have a blue thought, try smiling! You can learn more about it here.

Number 4 – Ways To Be Happy

Do something – Take Action and GET IT DONE!

It’s so simple BUT SO HARD for so many- procrastination. We all do it from time-to-time. We waffle on things we know we have to get done. BUT- imagine the sense of accomplishment you’ll have when it’s done. The “it”, doesn’t matter. Whatever “it” is, just , like NIKE says, do it Once “it” is done, you’ll be happier.

Number 3 – Best Way To Be Happy

Make a list.

This is a really simple way to outline all of your life. You can learn more about how to be happy by using apps to ease your life. There are many apps and if technology isn’t for you, get a planner, make your lists and get stuff accomplished. Wanna know how to be happy?

We live in a world that is fast, never ending and at times, demands so much of our time, that we never seem to have enough hours in the day to get things done. Having a clear, concise plan of attack is VITAL to our mental health. Without getting organized, our lives can turn into turmoil fast! Get yourself organized, make those lists and get happier!!

Number 2 – Ways To Be Happy

Stop needing the best!

When you realize that having the very best of everything is pointless, you’ll ease up on some of those anxieties. We tend to want the best clothes, the best cars, the best house, the best….. EVERYTHING!!! Ugh, it’s maddening trying to keep up with the Kardashians. STOP IT! You’re gonna go insane! It’s ok to shop at Wal-mart! Do it. Save a few bucks. You have earned it! Stop thinking you need that Coach bag. You don’t! Michael Kors will not go out of business because you bought at Target!

The point is, trying to outdo everyone is exhausting. Be you. Don’t worry about what others think and you will feel the world lifted off your shoulders. Adopt an attitude of, hey isn’t this AWESOME?! I just bought this killer “insert item here” at such and such for only $10! Now, I can pay for dinner for us! And that leads to our number one!

Number 1 – Best Ways To Be Happy

Make memories, don’t worry about stuff.

When is the last time you looked at your purse, car or house and said, “boy, you really give great advice?

I’ll wait.

When is the last time your purse made you laugh? Has your couch made you giggle? How about your shoes? Did they tell you everything was going to be alright when you had a crappy day?

No? I didn’t think so.

Pick a friend, a spouse, your child, a relative, a co-worker – and go make a memory. When we take the time to get off our phones, and computers and stop worrying about stuff – we become happier because we are interacting the way nature intended. We are a social species. Go to dinner, go to a movie, take a walk, have some fun. Life is too short to waste. Get out there and enjoy life!

You’ll notice we used the term how to be happy a lot in this article- There’s a reason- this is secret number 11 on our How to be happy list. Positive thinking and surrounding yourself with positive words, images and thoughts. One of the worst things we can do is dwell. We all do that from time to time. We worry about things we have no control over. We dwell on the bad choices we’ve made- but the truth is- there are only a few real moments that matter in life.

Life is mostly made up of insignificant happenings that we’ll forget in ten minutes. Don’t beat yourself up. Don’t dwell on the things we can’t change. Move on, move forward and remember that you are human. Flawed, gorgeous and a true individual. I’ll start by saying- you are special Now get out there and take life by the horns!!

Be Happier Right Now- See Which Peanuts Character You Are!

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