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Don’t Know Dominic Fike? You Will!

This 23 year old artist has had his share of ups and downs. His Mom has seen her share of jail, and Fike himself has had a brush with the law. After being on house arrest and subsequent jail for assaulting a police officer, Fike credits the judge in his case for lighting a fire under him. He said that without the judge trying to create a felony, he wouldn’t have had that fire to create his EP, Don’t Forget About Me, Demos, the above song being the breakout hit.

dominic fike album

Having been through so much, at a young age, and having some drug issues, makes Fike an example of how one can turn one’s life around. But, more about his music.

Fike’s first EP is a mix of pop, rap and hip-hop. Not really a genre specific album, it’s more a showcase of what he can do. He has pipes, that’s for sure, but a good example of the dichotomy of the songs on the album is the difference between “3 Nights” and “She Wants My Money” with the latter being a true rap song with all the profanity a young American might love, and the poppy, be-bopping hooks and melody in 3 Nights- even pouring over into what I like to refer to as Mompop; those songs that are catchy and safe enough for Mom to put on in the car with the kids, whilst trying to keep it real. Think tunes like “Meant To Be” by Bebe Rexha and Florida Georgia Line.

The future looks bright for the young Dominic Fike. Here’s to hoping we hear more from him soon, and that he keeps his head on straight and gives us years of awesome, catchy tunes.

Dominic Fike Mugshot
Dominic Fike Mugshot

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