Happy, Hilarious Dancing Bear Needs A Scratch

Russia Loves a Dancing Bear

This bear from The Land Of The Leopard Park in Russia’s Far East may not technically be a dancing bear, however, his back is quite itchy. The bear is caught on a trail camera in an itchy predicament. Whats a bear to do? Rear up, get at it and get that scratch.

Ooh, how a good back scratch feels good. The Asian Black Bear – no he’s not a dancing bear, he’s just a big ole’ softy, gets his itch taken care of on a local tree, but then something even more unexpected happens.

It seems, the bear is not fond of being on video for the world to see, and promptly heads over to the camera and takes a big tasty bite out of it.

Dancing Bear or Bear Scratching Back

Enjoy – We are fairly certain that at one time he really was a dancing bear. I mean, check out those moves- maybe he was a circus bear? Who knows what his full potential could be? Video Courtesy YouTube and AP News.

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