249 Mph Bullet Train ALFA-X Prototype

Bullet Train Prototype – ALFA-X

The Bullet Train is a prototype design with speeds that should reach 249 mph. JR-East today, announced the prototype ALFA-X bullet train is the first step in this new generation. This will be the train that hopefully other trains will be brought to public transit use.

The country already deploys several other bullet trains – trains that are usually run on dedicated lines and only stop at major railway stations. Japan Railways East is also already working on magnetic levitation trains- also referred to as Maglev.

Today’s prototype will usher in the newest trains for tomorrow, and are run on servers that will bypass possible human mistakes. The system employs next-generation circuitry and technologies that aren’t yet available on other trains.

Additionally, these trains will feature greater comfort, faster travel and provide all the extra refinements that our culture is used to and expect from today’s transportation. The bullet trains will feature food and drink, comfort with additional first-class options, wireless phone and computer charging as well as entertainment options.

249 Mph Bullet Train ALFA-X Prototype 2
KYOTO, JAPAN – Food And Beverages Being Served- CREDIT – http://japanstation.com

The current system carries around 450,000 visitors on any given day of the week. The number is expected to rise even more as the newer trains are being introduced. Most come in a six or eight car configuration, however, there are several that come with a double-decker configuration.

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